To be honest, I had a pretty rough upbringing growing up as a child. I have no doubts it strengthened me to become the man I am today but was a difficult time in my life. I was forced to work as a contractor at a young age of fourteen and followed my dad on weekends to work on homes.

Whether it was flooring, drywall, handyman work, painting, etc. we started the day at 7 AM and sometimes finished as late as 10 PM. That was the life I lived during my high school years and missed out on all the partying to work with my father.

As much as I hate putting myself in the grind, it taught me everything I know today that I will be sharing with you here on

I decided to start my own company right out of high school using the skills I learned from my dad but adding the business savvy I gained through my high school education and taking time to learn about business and marketing in general that my dad never had time for.

It was a slow build, but as time went on, I eventually began to grow my business to great heights and surpassed my dad. Now, I’m living well off, and would like to spend the extra time on my hands sharing all the value I can gather up for you fellow contractors!

– Anthony Bonsai, Drywall Contractor in Vancouver