The art of growing Bonsai trees originates from Asia and the name Bonsai can be directly translated from the Japanese language as “planted in a container”. The strange thing is that it was the Chinese that developed this skill before the Japanese adopted it. It is only recently in the terms of the art that the practice has been developed in the Western countries, approximately for the last 100 years even though this skill has been practiced for over a 1000 years in Asia.

To introduce you to this website we need to start at the beginning and describe exactly what the art of Bonsai is and what it can involve.

A Bonsai tree is basically a miniature version of a tree that has been trained by careful pruning etc. to keep the miniature size, they are normally housed in ceramic or wooden containers,, they are said to add balance and harmony to the home and it requires lots of practice to obtain the skill but if a person is dedicated to the hobby it is within reach of everyone’s skills.

To many people, myself included, the hobby of training miniature trees i.e. Bonsai is a form of art but they trees are like a living sculpture compared to paintings or static pieces of sculpture and as the tree develops they require your love and care on a daily and definitely on a monthly basis. Basically the care you provide is an ongoing process that will keep you interested and fill you with pride as you stand back and look at the results of your endeavours
Bonsai trees have a unique and exotic feel to them, they are supplied from many major garden centres and seeing these works of arts draws people into the hobby and raises many questions at the same time. When you first pick up one of these trees you may ask yourself the following questions

How old exactly is this tree?

Am I capable of replicating this beauty with my own hands?

What special care do I need to provide this tree?

Would this make a centrepiece in my home or even in my garden?
Even if we cannot answer all these questions with a positive result we may still decide to purchase a specimen and I too did the same. Researching and understanding this art only increases our interest in having a go at re-creating such a beautiful tree.

The satisfaction from keeping and training Bonsai trees is no comparison to general gardening and inspires us to reach limits we never knew we were capable of.