Does your hour require simple repairs? Do you want to reinstate your home with large-scale renovations? Many are the times that you may need the help of a professional. You may either be so busy to take care of it yourself or, you may lack the essential tools and expertise to execute the task. Whatever the reason is, it is time you hire a prowess to do the job. The big question remains, who should you consult, a handyman or a specialist tradesperson?

The answer depends on your state, budget, and the scope of your project. Here are scenarios in which you should hire a handyman and when a specialist is required. You should worry not since many have always interchanged the terms. Many people cannot tell the difference between the two. However, it is possible to distinguish between the two.

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Differences between a handyman and a specialist

  • A handyman has no particular qualifications. He has no certified specialty. Handymen offer their services at a pocket-friendly price. Therefore, if you need new workforce for your project, consider getting a handyman. However, specialists are expensive to hire. Thus, you can consult them when you need complex repairs and renovations that require expertise to supervise the operation.
  • Handymen usually work independently or with the help of one partner. They can handle short-term projects but not projects requiring severe renovation. On the other hand, a specialist has the expertise needed start and complete renovating or remodeling. Specialists can incorporate other workforces to help them. They might include electricians, plumbers or other specialists depending on the issue at hand.

If you are in doubt about who to hire, consider employing the general thumbs rule:

A handyman is a superb choice for cheap and easy tasks that you can do yourself if only you had time. However, when the situation is challenging, a specialist will bring in a long-term solution to the problem.

Scenarios on which you should hire a handyman or a specialist include:

Remodeling or renovating your home you are thinking about how to spruce up your living room, a handyman or a specialist may place some vital roles.

A handyman may help you with:

  • Small interior painting jobs
  • Fixing a door and setting up shelves
  • Plastering and sealing
  • Sealing crevices on wood and plaster
  • Joining furniture

For a specialist, he serves to:

  • Fit and install countertops
  • Fitting and installation of the floor, either wood or tiles
  • Competent with the installation of kitchen electricals.
  • Enormous painting jobs
  • Removing interior walls

Plumbing Repairs

You can seek a handyman as an extra workforce for simple maintenance. However, a plumber possesses the needed expertise for serious pipe problems.

You can hire a handyman for:

A specialist feature in when your project entails:

  • Installation and replacements of old plumbing.
  • Mending burst pipes
  • Installation of shower headers

Electric Uses

Complex electrical problems need an experienced and certified electrician. However, a handyman may still feature in if you require minor electrical fixing.

A handyman may help you with:

  • Fixing a light fitting or fan
  • Installation of light switches
  • Changing electrical sockets

You can hire a specialist for:

  • Installation of new electrical passages
  • Updating a circuit breaker
  • Updating bathroom appliances

Exterior maintenance for the exterior maintenance of your home, such as roof repairing, you need professionals to do the job.

After doing the required renovations on the inside, do not forget the outside. A complete reinstatement of your home features both the interior and the exterior.

You can hire a handyman to:

  • Execute basic tasks to maintain the yard
  • Cleaning and replacing water gutters
  • Sealing crevices on doors, walls, and windows
  • Preparing the waterlines and air conditioner for winter
  • Painting the doors and windows newly to remove weather stripes

A specialist can get consulted for:

  • Repair of leaks on the roof
  • Changing roof tiles
  • Putting up or mending the siding

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The choice of who to hire depends on the demands of the project. Either, long-term or short-term. Always remember, a handyman does what you can do, he is affordable and thus suitable for minor projects.

However, if the scope of your project surpasses your strengths, a specialist tradesperson will help you out. Ensure you find trustworthy professionals from your area on HomeStars for your needs.

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